Tesla presents new solar panels

American Tesla Group has unveiled new models of solar roof panels. 325 W power modules will be manufactured by Panasonica in Tesla’s Gigafactory 2 plant located in Bufallo.

Tesla has been increasingly involved in designing solutions that facilitate green energy production. The American concern will soon be launching photovoltaic solar panels, and has now unveiled new models of solar roofs.

The cells will be manufactured by Panasonica exclusively for Tesla and will be built in the US giant Gigafactory 2 factory located in Bufallo. New cell models not only present modern and elegant, but are also very efficient.

They are relatively thin and can be installed on virtually any already finished roof. This is a great advantage because in most cases the solar cells are designed in such a way that they cover the roof, so to install them you need to make a lot of modifications. In the case of new cells we avoid this problem, and each of them has a power of 325 W.