Professional SSD drive for servers

SSDs, due to the fall in prices, are increasingly being hosted on our computers. However, the latest model of the OCZ Z-Drive 4500 is a device that we will not see in the home PC, because it is a drive designed for server applications.

The drive is equipped with a SATA 6 Gbps interface, occupies a single PCIe 2.0 8x slot and is based on 19-nm MLC NAND Toshiby. The drive is based on eight separate SSDs making up one common volume thanks to Virtualized Controller Architecture, resulting in ultra-fast transfers that far outweigh the typical SSDs.

The OCZ Z-Drive 4500 has a transfer rate of 2900 MB / s for sequential reads, while the sequential record reaches 2200 MB / s. In addition, the number of read / write operations is set at 252,000 IOPS and 78,000 IOPS, respectively.

The Z-Drive 4500 will be available in three versions. The smallest one has a capacity of 800 GB and costs $ 2355. For a two-time model we will pay $ 3860, while the largest variant of 3.2 TB will cost $ 6533. As you can easily calculate, 1 GB of disk space, in this case, costs 2.04 TB.