Mont Blanc on Google Street View

There is a growing number of places that, without moving from a comfortable chair, can be explored with Google Street View. This time the popular service of the American concern takes us to the frosty Mont Blanc, the highest peak of the Alps and Europe, letting him look at the first person.

Google Street View allows us to explore not only many cities in the country but also in the world, as well as many other locations. The service takes us on a tour of the Burj Khalifa, zoos and many other exotic places that we would never normally choose.

The latest Street View attraction is Mont Blanc. Visiting the highest peak of Europe is possible thanks to the volunteers who have climbed into it, equipped with the right equipment to allow panoramic shots. Part of the photo was taken by Korra Pesce, who carried a special set of cameras on his back. The project was also supported by renowned mountaineer Ueli Steck and Laetitia Roux, 14-time ski alpinism champion.

For a virtual tour of the mountains you can check out by going to: -the-scenes / streetview / treks / mont-blanc /

The following video reveals the backstage of its rise.