HP ENVY 17 is the first gesture-controlled laptop

Our laptops are controlled by keyboard, touchpad, or external mouse. But if we are going to buy HP ENVY 17, we will have to change habits, because it’s the first gesture-controlled laptop.

The latest HP product is Leap Motion’s first computer that recognizes user gestures and translates them into appropriate commands. This feature is based on a small sensor that tracks the movements of the fingers. These are then forwarded to a special software that deals with the translation of gestures and activates the commands to which they are assigned.

The HP ENVY 17 costs $ 1049 and features a fairly large 17.3-inch Full HD screen and a powerful processor. On his disc, we will also find a whole range of useful software, in the form of a Swoosh mixer, GecoMIDI music creation software, and GameWAVE, the software that lets you use gesture control in your favorite games.