Honda’s innovative technology

The Japanese company Honda is working on innovative technologies for its vehicles. The company has introduced two new patents that will greatly improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians near the car.

Modern cars are structures that differ significantly from vehicles 20 or 30 years old. Nowadays they are equipped with increasingly modern and advanced systems, not only improving the comfort of traveling, but also the safety of both passengers and pedestrians.

New technologies, which may soon be included in the future models of cars, also presented Honda. The Japanese company has patented two solutions to improve safety.

The first of the patents describes the innovative HUD (head-up display) system, which has been installed in high-end cars for several years and presents speed and navigation indications. Honda’s technology is, however, much more modern. The system is able to detect pedestrians in front of the car’s hood and show their locations on a HUD display equipped with extended reality technology.

Thanks to sensors, the technology can also detect pedestrians outside the driver’s field of vision, such as in the dead or covered by body posts. This way the driver will not be surprised by the pedestrian who will suddenly appear in front of his vehicle.

The second patent is a vehicle-to-vehicle wireless communication system that monitors traffic. The system works for cars in the columns and thus individual cars will be able to accurately calculate the distance between them and react to other vehicles. In other words, the system will react quickly to sudden braking of the preceding car, thus protecting the driver from a collision.