Extreme ideas of Japanese audiophiles

Lovers of good Japanese sound, in an unusual way they care about the excellent quality of the music they listen to. Many of them put their own power poles in front of their homes with professional equipment. This eliminates the distortion caused by voltage spikes.

Audiofile is a social group that ordinary people can not understand. Their goal is to achieve the perfect sound and can strive for it regardless of cost. Without blinking, they spend thousands of dollars on a piece of speaker cable, or hundreds of thousands on amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Many believe that the quality of music is also influenced by fluctuations in electricity, so some are beginning to set up their own power poles. So did the Japanese Takeo Morita, who worried that an imperfect electric network could disrupt the reception of music. At a cost of $ 10,000, he set up his own transformer post in front of his house to provide him with more electricity.

Interestingly, it is not isolated in this operation, as in Japan, magazines devoted to audio equipment systems, including power pylons, are being distributed in Japan.