Autonomous border guard

Israeli borders are getting better and better guarded. Not by the soldiers but by the AMSTAF standalone patrol system, which alone can move and identify targets. In a combat version equipped with rifles, through the operator that controls it, it can also take care of them.

AMSTAF is a new toy used by Israel and created to protect the country’s borders from intruders. The machine is the work of the local Automotive Robotic Industry Ltd. and is based on the chassis of the ARGO 6 × 6 vehicle developed by ODG. The unit measures 240 cm long and nearly 150 cm wide.

Moves on six wheels driven by a pair of silent hybrid electric motors (one on each side). They are strong enough for the vehicle to accelerate up to 50 km / h in flat terrain, 4 km / h in water, and 45 degrees up the slope. In addition, it can also take a load of 349 kg and carry an additional 1100 kg. IMPORTANT, AMSTAF has low-pressure tires, so even if it weighs almost a ton, it can safely enter the anti-personnel mines.

The machine can be controlled remotely from a distance of almost 13 km or programmed for stand-alone operation, and can operate all day without charging.

The platform can do many different tasks, such as controlling riots, dealing with bomb disarming, negotiating with terrorists, and even acting in a special unit, everything depends on the installed equipment. These could be tasers, demonstrator immobilisers, tear gas tanks, or a computer-stabilized 7.62 mm rifle.