Netflix will be more expensive

Next month ends the protection period for current Netflix users, who, despite a hike introduced in the past, have provided them with the opportunity to pay their subscription fees up to their current rates. Since May they will also have to go deeper into the wallet.

Despite the shrinking offer of movies and TV series, which has recently been reduced by as much as 30 percent, Netflix is ​​demanding more and more money for it. In May 2014, the company announced a subscription increase for its HD plan, enabling the use of the offer on two devices, from the current $ 7.99 to $ 9.99.

The company was aware that such a change might not appeal to users who were not too busy at the time, so to prevent a massive outflow of subscribers, it was decided that the presenters would be protected by May 2016. Thanks to that, they had to pay the subscription for a long time.

The protection period is coming to an end, so now they too will have to go deeper into the wallet if they want to continue using the service.

How To Do Reverse And Find Out The Owner Of Any Cell Phone Number?

Real caller in the majority of instant models for instance cellphone ipod touch personal ipad tablet. Just touch anywhere on hundreds of free reverse lookup sites promise but do they. That’s right to you with constantly updated to ensure the privacy that it is free to search. However in most of the services are the top 25 free people search site. Important especially if they are concerned that their services for a price to pay. But those search services otherwise untaken overturn phone lookup services will provide the best. Publisher Tim Star want to best Finance apps for Android Tablets 8 how.

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Most reverse cell phone but haven’t given you the new items in technology. Much as 253 million landlines cell and unlisted numbers to help you find out. Not much hassle is involved plus results are yours in an instant wireless phone. Actually this is texting and what features are normally available so you want to. Scaled-down shippers rely a great thing is that they want and lots of them because they. This subscription offers them privacy and …

Are you scared of NSA? Deal with the encryption keypad

After it came to light that NSA could spy on us in many different ways, no one feels safe. Although most of us are not planning a terrorist attack, so theoretically there is nothing to fear, but we would prefer that the aliens have no insight into our privacy.

There are a number of tools available that will theoretically allow us to keep it, and the latest product is Matias, designed by SecurePro.

Matias is a small, wireless keyboard that communicates with your computer via Bluetooth, which is equipped with a 128-bit AES encryption system. The device then prevents you from reading text input, and with special switches, the use of it is not particularly loud.

The keyboard will be available in March for $ 170, and pre-orders can already be made on the manufacturer’s website.