Indiegogo launches a function for investors

One of the most popular crowdfunding platforms comes out with a new offering for investors. Indiegogo, enables everyone with more cash to invest in new startups, not just the products they offer.

Crowdfunding platforms are a great way to raise the funds needed to implement ideas without involving banks or investment funds. Anyone can support the project in return for the opportunity to purchase a finished product or receive other rewards.

Many people would like to invest not only in the product but in the company that works on it. The Indiegogo platform will soon provide them with such an opportunity. The company announces the launch of a completely new platform called Equity Crowdfunding, which will allow you to invest directly in startups.

The initiative will be developed in partnership with MicroVentures and will operate on a similar basis as the projects currently supported. In return for supporting the company with a certain amount of money, we will not receive only the product but shares the company itself. When a startup product is successful, we can make a good start. To qualify for the offer, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a minimum of $ 100 in your portfolio, as this is the minimum amount of investment.

Of course, there is no certainty whether our investment will return at all. Taking into account that only a small percentage of projects appearing on crowdfunding platforms is successful, it is more like gambling.